Visit Neptune’s debut EP, Blurred, calls to mind the ethereal nonchalance of Empire of the Sun through Buchanan’s vocals while the pounding force behind the guitars and drums push each track like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. While the band notes influences like Foo Fighters and Paramore, it’s evident with Blurred that these four high school friends are looking to give their middle finger to audience expectation and push their boundaries to show off their range. The early punch of “Losing Sight” and “Run Run Run” challenge anyone with an aversion to blasting volume with rolled-down windows, and the high-speed introduction is not softened by Blurred’s mature pondering of early life in the intense, low tempo “Nomadic Mind.” While Visit Neptune carries a crystal-clear consistent style throughout each song, it’s clear that Blurred is meant to be reflective of their foothold in modern music—a place that gleefully defies convention and articulation.

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